After 21 days I got incredible results. 

“I am a very resilient person but I have been busy overcoming complicated challenges in my life and taking care of my family but not myself.

When I joined Disa´s 21 day Transformational Program my goal was to put myself first.

Keep the promises I made to myself. Meditate, take care of myself, exercise and practise gratitude.

It was a tough process but went very well.

Even though I am hard working I couldn´t have kept my promises to myself without Disa´s encouragement.

I can move mountains for others but I couldn´t do it for myself.

Disa taught me how to face my own mountain and climb over every obstacle to the top.

After only 21 days I got incredible results. The mindset work and the way Disa spoke to me made all the difference. It´s so important for me to stand up for myself in my life.

I now show myself self-compassion and decide what I want to invest my energy into.

Disa was there for me in a powerful and a humble way which is difficult to describe with words.

Disa´s 21 Day Transformational Program is so worth the investment.

I now realize how important it is to keep the promises I make to myself,

put myself first and to focus on myself first , then others.
I have to feel worthy and be honest with myself. “


Svandís Sturludóttir, M.A. Career Counselling and Msc Applied Positive Psychology.