Success stories



„Disa is a genius coach! In only 3 weeks my self-trust improved 100 %, I am much more self-confident and don´t care what other people think of me anymore.“

When I started Disa´s Program 21 days ago I felt stuck.

I lacked self-confidence,

I didn´t trust myself enough and

I cared very much about what other people thought of me.

What changes have you noticed in your life after the 21 Day 1 on 1

Transformational Coaching Program with Disa?

By creating new habits, sticking to them daily with Disa´s personal support and

attending the empowering coaching sessions with her:

1. My self-trust improved 100% 2. I am much more self-confident 3. I don´t

care what other people think of me anymore. This program helped me do

that!4. My relationship with myself has dramatically improved and therefore

with everyone around me.5. It´s easier for me to focus on what goes well every

day.6. I do things out of my comfort zone that helps me trust myself.

What specific feature did you like best about coaching with Disa?

Everything! Disa is a genius coach!

She made sure that I stayed on track without controlling anything.

I was in control of everything myself but Disa challenged me to do the things I thought I couldn´t do.

Meeting her every week for our weekly session, getting weekly feedback from Disa and having access to her for daily support and motivation made all the difference.

She helped me get back in touch with my passion for helping others.

I highly recommend the 21 day 1 on 1 Transformational Program.

Disa posesses qualities that few people posess:

Positivity, amazing energy and joy!

It was 200% worth the investment.

I can´t recommend this program enough!

The 21 Day 1 on 1 Transformational Program is simply brilliant for anyone that wants to „reprogram“ their mind for a positive mindset and success.

If you want to make a positive change in your life, don´t look further. This is the program!

Kolbrún, Björnsdóttir, Business owner and personal trainer

“I am more decisive, authentic and true to myself than ever before.”

Today, I feel more confident in my relationship to women and people in general. I feel like a magnet, for I convey my vision and ideas with much more power and clarity than I did. I feel more energy because I don’t have to put on a mask to please people anymore. And it used to drain
me a lot. I am more decisive, authentic and true to myself than ever before. I noticed that as a result, I open myself more and I appreciate people more for who they are without judging them. There is more alignment between my thoughts, feelings, words and actions. It is called being
congruent. What I loved about working with Disa is the amazing combination of her coolness and professionalism. It was fun working with her and I experienced results from the first days. Of course, it depends on the person who is being coached but I’d highly recommend Disa’s coaching
services for anyone who wants to grow without using patches and artefacts. I really grew as a person from the depth of my roots. So much gratitude for Disa Dalberg!


” I have more belief in myself than ever before. I now know I have the strength to reach any goal I want to. That is a wonderful feeling to experience. “

I was in a strange place before I started the 21 day 1 on 1 Transformational Coaching Program with Disa. I wanted to change my life but felt I neither had the strength nor the courage to do so. I was afraid to disappoint myself and not live up to my own expectations. To be honest, I
lacked the belief that I could change the things in my life I was not happy about and wanted to change. 21 days later – after taking the step to go through the program with Dísa´s help – I have more belief in myself than ever before. I now know I have the strength to reach any goal I
want to. That is a wonderful feeling to experience. The best thing about the program was Dísa’s personal support. Knowing I could reach out to her daily for support if I needed was the best thing about the 21 day transformational journey. Dísa is a wonderful person with an energy
made out of gold. I felt instantly at ease in her presence and felt I could easily trust her. I highly recommend the 21 day transformational program for anyone who wants to improve their life, career and feel better about themselves.




“Your one session blew me away.”

The 20 minute Coaching Call with Disa was mindblowing! There´s a reason she is called a transformational coach. In just
one session Disa managed to help me dig deep down and find a source of issue i´ve been struggling with all my life and a pattern in my relationships. Disa is friendly, caring, trusting and didnt stop, showed support and mirrored my resistance when she noticed it. I highly recommend for you to book a 20 minute session with her because if she can do that in one session imagine what she will do in the following sessions. Thank you for everything you´re doing. Your one session blew me away.


” I am braver and more in touch with my true self because of the empowering coaching sessions with Disa.”
Now I have the courage again to take chances in order to gain a fuller life.
I am able to be more myself and and dare “to greater extent” to leave my comfort zone.
I feel more comfortable in my own skin now, have a better understanding of who I truly am and am able to know and communicate what I think and feel more easily.
I admire Disa for being truly herself and it inspires me to do the same.
I found it easy to contact Disa, for I find her easy going, open, non-judgemental and inspiring.
She is a great listener and gives advice generously.
Disa is energetic and authentic at the same time.
I have recommended coaching with Disa to others, to people I care about and to whom I really wish for, that they find their true selves.
It´s the very best gift ever!
” I was provided with valuable tools to overcome the obstacles on the way and was able to turn my idea into reality. “
The coaching sessions with Disa were very empowering for me. I came to her with a strong desire to turn my idea of a writing course into reality. To create it and teach to my ideal students. Disa helped me understand myself better and gain clarity on what is important to me. I was provided with valuable tools to overcome the obstacles on the way and was able to turn my idea into reality. Now I have a strong belief that I can continue with my teaching. All my credit goes to the empowerment and guidance I received in the coaching sessions with Disa. Disa has a contagious passion for what she does and I felt very comfortable in her presence. I highly recommend Disa’s coaching for anyone who is at crossroads in life.


“Disa provided me with a valuable toolset to be able to overcome my fears and a step by step plan to finally pursue my dream job. “

Disa helped me discover my core values (my most important values) that helped me decide what career goal to set. She also identified the fears that were holding me back from reaching my goal. Disa provided me with a valuable toolset to be able to overcome my fears and a step by step plan to finally pursue my dream job. Disa is open-minded, curious and genuinely interested in listening. I felt very comfortable in her presence. Her positive energy, good humor and out of the box questions made me eager to discover more about myself and find the strength to make the career of my dreams come true. Disa took me on a transformational journey which I am very grateful for. I highly recommend Disa as a coach. Thank you so much.


“As soon as we talked I experienced a shift in my thinking. It was like a lightbulb went on! “

I contacted Disa because I wanted to make more time to work on my business|desires. The only hesitation I had working with Disa was my own shyness, opening up to someone I had never met and exposing my flaws and vulnerabilities. Almost immediately I could tell I was safe with her. Disa is very warm and easy to talk to. She was very patient, comforting and created a safe place for me to talk about my struggles. As soon as we talked I experienced a shift in my thinking. It was like a lightbulb went on! Now I am able to say no more often, set boundaries and understand how people pleasing doesn’t help me or anyone else in the long run. Now I don’t leave myself open to everyone else’s needs and schedules. You opened up my eyes for a different possibility and future for my life. Today I have more time for myself and my business|desires. That has made me much happier. I would definitely recommend Disa to anyone who needs advice as a people pleaser, or who wants to heal from their traumas.


“Now I feel confident, empowered and hopeful about the future thanks to the sessions with Disa. “

I reached out to Disa when I was in the dark after a divorce. I was dealing with an narcissistic ex-husband who got angry if he did not get his way. I was very concerned about my childrens´s wellbeing and co-dependent with my ex-husband since I wanted to keep the peace in order to protect the kids. I knew the way things were going could not continue. Me and my children were suffering since my ex’s needs were being put first. Not my children’s. I had trouble sleeping, low self-esteem and felt I wasn’t capable of changing my situation. I had lost hope and was feeling depressed. Dísa opened my eyes to my codependent behavior I was unaware of, how I was maintaining it and choosing to be a powerless victim. As soon as I saw the unhealthy pattern I was maintaining I decided to follow Disa´s direction, started setting boundaries and hold him accountable. Even though I was afraid of his anger if he didn´t get what he wanted Disa helped me understand how I had taught him that by using anger he could get away with what he wanted. Step by step I started to set and enforce boundaries and like Disa warned me about his behavior got worse. Persistance was key and Disa was there for me every step of the way. Encouraging me to stand my ground. Today a few months later I have seen big changes in my ex´s behaviour. He knows I am not going back to my old unhealthy ways. He knows I am done pleasing him by putting his needs first. He cannot control me with anger anymore. Now I am able to put my kids wellbeing first. Even though it is sometimes hard to enforce the boundaries. Now I feel confident, empowered and hopeful about the future thanks to the sessions with Disa. I highly recommend working with Dísa. She is warm, honest and direct and it was certainly a wake up call and life changing working with her.





I am doing great! I feel like a different person, it’s like I reclaimed my power! I really do love ME now! I’ve been taking long baths, eating better, and working out. I even cooked so sweet dishes. It’s like I found my feminine power. I’ve even had multiple guys asking me out. I guess the self love is showing through!
Thank you soooo much! I now know it’s okay to take care of Me! It’s okay to take time for me and not say yes when I want to say no!


I didn’t have any hesitations joining the 21 Day Self-Love Challenge because I was so ready to do this, take down the mask.
After doing the Challenge I am more aware of my self and my feelings and am more confident. I dare to think about going into a relationship again because I won’t tolerate disrespect again. I am taking better care of myself I am exercising and eating healthy. I won´t put myself down anymore.
What I loved about this Challenge are the FB livestreams Disa did because she is such a wonderful person. I also loved the Workbook she created for us with daily exercises. That helped me really reflect on myself daily. The personality test was an eye opener for me and helped me understand myself better.
I feel more confident and it’s ok to be me just the way I am and I’ve found out more about my self, who I am and how I don’t like to be treated.
I would deffenetly recommend the 21 Day Self-Love Challenge. Disa is so passionate about helping women to love themselves and she is doing it from the heart so it can’t go wrong only right.
I think the Challenge was just perfect so keep it up and hope many many more women will join it.


The 21 Day Self-Love Challenge helped me realize that I had a negative self talk tape playing in my head I wasn´t aware of. The Challenge helped me quiet down my negative self talk and replace it with uplifting self talk.

During the Challenge I was going through a challenging time personally so it couldn ´t have come at a better time. I kept telling myself that I am awesome instead of a failure and that helped a lot.

The 21 Day Self-Love Challenge helped me learn how to put myself first.

Dísa is very sincere about helping women shine brightly. That is rare.

I highly recommend the challenge to all women and am going to do it all over again next time Disa does the Challenge.


I felt drawn to one question in the 21 Day Self-Love Challenge. I asked myself: How do I want to feel today? And answered that question every day.
Often I did not feel like I wanted to feel so I asked myself: What am I going to do to feel like I want to feel? Some days I wanted to smile and laugh more so I simply started to go into the mindset of smiling and laughing more. It was very empowering to be able to take charge of how I was feeling. I played with this exercise daily.
I am a sensitive person and when I am interacting with others can be very sensitive towards their reaction to me. What was empowering for me was that while doing the 21 Day Self-Love Challenge I could sometimes decide not to be sensitive and let other people hurt my feelings and it worked.
It felt amazing to be able to control how I felt like that. It was empowering for me.
What I especially liked about the 21 Day Self-Love Challenge were the daily exercises that kept me on track every day, helping me feel better day by day.
I liked that Disa practices what she preaches. That had a very positive effect on me during the Challenge.
I truly recommend the 21 Day Self-Love Challenge. It was very good and empowering for me. What I loved about the Challenge is that I could do the exercises with ease. I did not feel stressed about doing the exercises. It took not much time to do them and was very effective.