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Hi I’m Disa Dalberg and I am a Mindset Coach.

At age 33 my life was a mess.

I was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Confidence shot.

I felt anxious and fearful.

Avoided people and places.  

I often saw black.  Felt completely stuck.

I struggled to get out of bed. Every morning the alarm clock would ring I woke up tired after yet another night of very little sleep.

I knew I should get up and try to keep going but anxiety rushed in and I´d hit the snooze button as often as I could instead.

Here´s the thing. I wanted to change. I just couldn´t make myself do it.

The smallest things felt impossible. I read self-help books, bought endless planners and journals. Nothing stuck.

At times I would get temporarily motivated then I would go back to my old ways.

There was literally always an excuse.

Enough was enough

Have you ever felt so stuck you wanted to give up?
Well that was me.
One night I was feeling sorry for myself.
Thinking about the physical attack that happened to me while sleeping in my bed 5 years earlier.
Feeling angry at the attacker who broke into my apartment in the middle of the night.
Don´t get me wrong. Of course it´s normal to feel angry after something that traumatizing happens to you and we need time to heal.
But as each year passes you start to wonder if that´s it.
For how long am I going to let my trauma dictate my life in a negative way?
Will I choose to be stuck in the “poor me” mindset for the rest of my life?
Do I want to be a victim feeling powerless, hopeless and stuck for good?
Deep down inside I knew the answer was no.
To be honest at this point I had nothing to loose.
I knew that setting big unrealistic goals was not the way to go. Everytime single time I had failed sticking it out.
What if when the alarm rang – instead of thinking I put on my running outfit and would just go for a 5 minute walk. That´s it. What if I do that every day for a week?

I tried something simple and it changed my life.

The next morning when the alarm clock rang, instead of laying there thinking about my problems. I jumped out of bed, put on my running outfit and went outside for a walk.
The change was instant.
Day by day a 5 minute walk turned into a 5 minute run.
Thinking of what I was grateful for turned into writing down three things I was grateful for daily.
Making a healthy smoothie once a week turned into making it every single morning.
Looking back it all makes sense.
Deciding to take this first small action step helped me close the gap between thinking and doing.
And by just taking action, my confidence grew.

Committing to daily positive habits one small step at a time changes everything

I stopped thinking and started moving forward.
I stopped listening to the garbage in my mind and started thinking positive.
Over time, I not only gained self-awareness and self-confidence – I discovered the simple secret to changing your life.

I call it Commiting to Positive Habits.

Your life is defined by the gap between what happens to you and your reaction to it.
Embracing and commiting to positive habits closes the gap between thinking about what needs to be done and actually doing it.

You´ll be shocked by what you can do by commiting to positive habits.

I used it to:

manage my anxiety
face my perfectionism
stop procrastinating
get in shape
take risks
build confidence
launch a business
help others
take action
dance like no one is watching

I started ” The Disa Dalberg Show: Follow Your Heart Not The Herd “ in order to face my perfectionism, procrastination and feeling like I was not ready to take action.

I told my viewers I would livestream my show 5 days a week for the next 4 months in order to practice showing up imperfectly and proving to myself that I could do it.
Practicing showing up and doing what I said I would do helped me build unstoppable confidence.
Then 2 years later I was invited to do my first online interview by a incredible woman Guðrún Birna le Sage.
Watching me showing up imperfectly doing The Disa Dalberg show” had inspired her to take the first step of creating her own show in Icelandic.
Guðrún Birna interviews her rolemodels and her show is called
“Fyrirmyndir og skaparar” in Icelandic – Rolemodels and Creators” in English.

Rolemodels and Creators. Episode 1.

The Explorer

Then this happened. I was asked to be a part of the documentary “The Explorer” The French documentary makers decided to interview inspiring people about their life’s vision and how they are making an impact following their purpose.

The first episode of “The Explorer” is on its way to be created in 2019, featuring the Transformational coach Disa Dalberg.
With my French video crew, we’re flying to Iceland in February 2019, ready to make the best out of the remarkable landscapes and nature Iceland has to offer.
Get ready for the first episode of The Explorer video series, where we’ll take personal growth to a different level.
It’s not just about becoming better versions of ourselves but about becoming more complete ones. It’s about transforming our deepest wounds into our greatest gifts.

A part of the French Documentary Crew coming to Iceland in Febuary 2019

Watch the trailer 

It worked for me, but will it work for you?

I´m trying to change my life for the better just like you.

The truth is:

You know what to do

You know why you need to do it

I´m here to show you how.

And it´s awesome when we do it together

21 Day 1 on 1 Transformational Online Program with Disa Dalberg. Transform your life one small positive habit at a time.

21 Day 1 on 1 Transformational Online Program with Disa Dalberg. Transform your life one small positive habit at a time.

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